The installation was to be done in one week. It took over two weeks because the installers were not available. We kept being told FCI would call us back within two days to confirm installation date and we received no call.
michel villeneuve
Both products and the service are excellent. I was sold when I met with Mr.Marwan Doumit. He not only brought sample to my house he took us through the entire process prior to hiring International. The craftsmen who installed my tile flooring were outstanding.
DEvon Fermoyle
Clean up after installation
Ashley Peckham
The flooring was good. But the range of colours was not extensive. As such, the colour match with the older flooring is not ideal. The man who installed the flooring (I believe it was Ian) was amazing!! He was extremely efficient and good.
James Harvey
great service. You did what you said you were going to do. Thanks.
Vivian Runnels
very detailed
Kevin Nelson
The two sub-contractors were polite, very professional and clean. Although the person who did the original estimate left out some important facts to the sub-contractors, that the floor that needed to be lifted was engineered wood and the baseboards were custom-made, they proceeded with efficiency.
Susan Burrows
the reason for the low mark is due to the transition pieces.The carpeting itself looks great and was installed very fast.After that however,I,m not happy.i gave theconsultant a piece of flooring to match up the transition pieces,this was not done.There were 3 different colors, and then 3 out of 4 of them had fallen off within 2 weeks.As I was getting the house ready for sale,I just did it myself so at least I knew it would be done properly.And now that Im out west this is my only recourse.So,not impreseed with the finished work .,and wont recommend.
Pete Manhire
Costa Glezokos - the carpet layer -personality plus at thee top of his profession
Gordon Jenkins
The rep I dealt with was really great, came to my home which was fantastic. Maybe a little bit more info provided about thewood. I had to find out stuff after he fact, after I placed the order. Buyer beware. Have to do my own research. Some things would have been helpful know before I purchased it.
Brenda Branchard