luxury vinyl tile in ottawaTo begin, what is luxury vinyl? Luxury vinyl is a particular style of vinyl flooring that differs from other varieties, such as sheet vinyl. There are two types: luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). The former is manufactured to mimic the look of traditional hardwood flooring and the latter is made to imitate the look of stone or ceramic flooring.

Here we’ll be discussing the distinct advantages of luxury vinyl, as well as a few precautions you should keep in mind. We encourage you to consider adding this innovative material to your Ottawa home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Advantages

Access—Perhaps its greatest advantage, luxury vinyl allows homeowners to achieve the look of authentic hardwood or stone in rooms where they aren’t recommended. For instance, homeowners are discouraged from installing hardwood flooring in basements and laundry rooms because they can be easily damaged by water. Luckily, thanks to advanced printer technology luxury vinyl authentically mimics hardwood and stone, and is resistant to moisture.

Ease of Repairs—In contrast to sheet vinyl, which is installed in one large piece, luxury vinyl is installed piece-by-piece. This is a tremendous advantage when it comes to repairs. If your luxury vinyl is ever damaged you can easily remove and replace the damaged tile or tiles with little effort, and don’t have to worry about the cost of replacing an entire floor.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Precautions

Cost—Due to its high quality luxury vinyl is more expensive than sheet vinyl, and in some cases traditional hardwood or stone. However, many homeowners find it to be a worthwhile investment that lasts a lifetime. One way to keep costs down is to only install luxury vinyl in the rooms that truly need it, such as in bathrooms, basements, or laundry rooms.

Here at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East we’d love to help you find the right flooring for your home. Whether you’re looking for luxury vinyl, hardwood, tile, or carpet, we’re here to help. We proudly serve the greater Ottawa, Orleans areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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