Sandstone tile is visually appealing, distinct, and durable. This natural stone flooring could be a beautiful addition to your Ottawa home. Learn more about the benefits of this unique flooring option from the experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East.

Benefits of Sandstone Tile Flooring

sandstone tile Visually Appealing.

With natural shades and distinct patterns, sandstone tile is a visually stunning yet neutral addition to any home decor. Sandstone tile flooring is available in a variety of colors, including tan, white, and gray. The unique patterns of each sandstone tile can be understated and simple, or dynamic and distinct. Sandstone can be polished, which brings out the natural colors of the stone, or left matte. With a matte finish, the texture of sandstone is natural and rustic.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, and many grades of this tile flooring are very hard and durable. It doesn’t quite match up to the hardest natural stones, such as granite, but it will last decades when cared for correctly. Sandstone is porous, but can easily be finished with a sealant to make it water-resistant.

Natural and Unique.

Sandstone is naturally sourced, which makes each tile unique and eco-friendly. The great variety of color and pattern in sandstone is a result of its all-natural origins. With sandstone, you can guarantee that your flooring will be completely unique.

Where can I use Sandstone Tiling?

sandstone flooring

Commonly used as kitchen flooring, sandstone can also be a striking choice for living rooms, hallways, and even bedrooms.

Sandstone tiling isn’t ideal for damp areas such as bathrooms. Sandstone is porous, meaning it is not fully waterproof. Sandstone can be treated with a sealant to protect against water, but it’s still better off in the drier areas of your home.


Avoid using acidic cleaners on sandstone, as this can cause permanent discoloration. Stick to gentle cleaners with a basic pH.

Sandstone is durable and hard, but it’s one of the softer natural stones and is best suited for areas with moderate traffic. Take care with heavy objects, such as furniture, to avoid chipping or scratching your sandstone flooring.

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