Porcelain tile bathroom floor, Ottawa ONFor low-maintenance, durable floor coverings, porcelain tile is a winner. Manufactured from clay treated under high pressure and heat, porcelain tile is tough and nearly waterproof, making it an excellent option high traffic areas and active households in the Ottawa area. Our team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East has gathered some facts about porcelain tile to help you understand the pros and cons of this versatile material.

Benefits of Porcelain Tile

The versatility of porcelain tile makes this a well-loved material for nearly any room in your home. Unlike ceramic tile, it absorbs less than .5 percent water, making it a nearly waterproof material. It’s a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and any other area of the home that has high levels of moisture and humidity. Porcelain is also a great option for outdoor use. Unlike ceramic tiles, porcelain can typically survive the cold Ottawa winters.

Porcelain tile is highly durable and offers great resistance to wear and tear. It can stand up against scuffs and scratches, making it a great option for high traffic spaces, such as entries and hallways, and households with children or pets. Through-body porcelain tiles, with color that goes all the way through the tile, are particularly damage-resistant.

Finally, the design options available with porcelain tile are nearly endless. You can find a huge variety of colors and patterns to suit any taste. Stone and wood-look tiles have become particularly popular in recent years for their realistic look and low-maintenance benefits.


As with any floor covering, there are some important things to consider when selecting porcelain tile. Because it’s so dense, it is more difficult to cut and install. Professional installation is highly recommended when working with porcelain versus a softer material, such as ceramic tile.

The low-maintenance of porcelain is one of its greatest selling points, but be sure to use a cleaning product formulated for the surface. Bleach products can eat through the enamel seal over time, causing irreversible damage.

Porcelain can also be costly depending on the style and finish of the tile. However, the long-term benefits of the material often outweigh the price tag. If you are interested in learning more about porcelain tile and other floor coverings, get in touch with our team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East. We provide free in-home design consultations in the Ottawa area to help you find the perfect floor for your home.

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