marble tile flooring Ottawa EastIf you’re considering marble tile, it might be because you know how beautiful it can make a home look. Or maybe you’re thinking of using marble for the floors in your Ottawa home because you know that tile flooring is versatile and often easier to care for than hardwood or carpet.

Whatever your reason is, the experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East want you to make the most informed decision possible when you’re selecting a material for the floors in your home. It’s an important investment, and you should feel confident that you have all the information – so read on to learn more about this tough, beautiful material.

What Is Marble?marble tile flooring Ottawa East

Put simply, marble is a type of stone. Put in more complex terms, marble is a type of metamorphic rock – usually limestone – that has been foliated, or folded and pressed into thousands of paper-thin layers by time and the pressure of each successive layer. When you use marble tiles, you’re bringing some pretty awesome geology into your home.

Why Should I Use Marble Tile?

The word “marble” comes from the Greek for “shining stone,” which should give you a pretty decent idea of why people love this fancy material for the floors in their homes. Sculptors, builders, and homeowners prize marble for the same reason: the structure of its interlocking crystals results in a beautiful, swirling, veinous pattern, which refracts light and illuminates the space it’s in.

Marble is also an excellent conductor of heat, making it one of the best tile choices for cold regions. Try installing a radiant heat system beneath your marble tiles for the ultimate in luxurious wintertime comfort. And like any tile flooring, marble is strong and relatively easy to clean. The individual tiles can also be replaced when necessary.

Use Marble Tile in Your Homemarble tile flooring Ottawa East

If you’re still thinking that marble would look great and perform well in your home, the next step is to schedule a free consultation with the professionals at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East. We serve Ottawa, Orleans and surrounding areas, so contact us with questions, or go ahead and set up your free, in-home visit from our mobile showroom. Light up your home with beautiful marble floors today!

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