Granite tile has become a popular choice in Ottawa for homes and offices. Often, you will see this material installed as countertops and backsplashes in kitchens or bathrooms. To provide a more uniform interior design to a space, granite tile can also be installed as flooring, and the material is starting to be seen in other areas of the home such as living rooms, dining rooms, mudrooms and entertainment spaces.

granite tile in ottawa

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Things to Know About Granite Tile

Granite tiles are created from igneous quartz rock that has been heated to extreme temperatures until it obtains a crystalline structure. The granite tiles are very dense and the product is hard and durable. Granite comes in a range of colors and designs that can fit into the style preferences of any Ottawa home.

Granite tile comes in different grades based on how the stone is cut and if there are any inherent flaws to the tiles. A standard grading system that is commonly used groups the granite tile as premium grade, standard grade and commercial grade. Premium grade tile is normally the most expensive and the highest quality, while commercial grade is lower quality and will have more flaws. Commercial grade granite tile may also have more color inconsistencies.

Benefits of Granite Tile

Granite tile flooring is naturally water-resistant making it a good option for areas that are prone to high moisture and humidity, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. It can also be sealed to offer even more water-resistant properties. Granite tile is also stain resistant and less porous than other types of stone. The flooring, particularly when sealed, is easy to clean when you drop food or beverages on the surface.

Due to the durability and strength of granite, it can stand up to large amounts of foot traffic and won’t be easily damaged by children or pets. It also hides scratches or scuffs from things such as dropped objects or moving furniture. Unsealed granite gives a more natural look to a room, while sealed granite has a higher shine that comes along with the water and stain-resistant benefits.

Another benefit to granite tile is that the material is a natural product, which many homeowners in Ottawa prefer. The granite can be quarried from multiple places around the world, although most granite comes from countries such as Brazil and India.

When it comes to resell value, granite tile is highly sought after in Ottawa homes, whether it’s on the floor, counter or backsplash. Even purchasing lower commercial grade tile can still allow you to raise the value of your home if carefully selected and installed.

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