glass tile in ottawaGlass tiles are absolutely stunning and can breathe new life into any room. Whether you use them as a backsplash, a shower encasement, or an accent wall, you are sure to create a beautiful statement piece. There’s no doubt that glass tiles look amazing in Ottawa homes, and at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East we have a huge selection to choose from.


One of the most enchanting things about glass tile is how it reflects light. If your bathroom has a skylight or your kitchen has a big beautiful window, glass tiles can add that perfect finishing touch to really pull a room together. They come in a wide variety of patterns and colors that are sure to match whatever design you currently have. You can choose between round tiles, square tiles, woven tiles, opaque, or clear. The options are truly endless!


Glass tiles are just as functional as they are eye-catching. They’re great for bathrooms because they won’t absorb moisture and do a great job of fighting off mold and mildew. They also work really well for outdoor walls and fountains. If you’re an environmentally conscious homeowner, you’ll love that glass tiles can be recycled. An important piece to consider is that glass tiles are not scratch resistant. Therefore, they shouldn’t be used as flooring and are best suited for wall applications.


Glass tile installations should be left to the experts. There are many moving pieces that need to come together in the right order for these tiles to look their best. As the centerpiece of a room, you want to make sure they are done properly. Besides this, glass tiles can be pricey and you want the installation to go right on the first try.

Considering glass tiles for your next project? Schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts! Floor Coverings International Ottawa East is a full-service flooring company that can help you with everything from ideation to installation. Give us a call today!

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