White oak flooring is one of the most popular choices among homeowners in the Ottawa region. Its light warm tones and soft grain lend a feeling of modern comfort and relaxation to a room. Learn more about this popular flooring from the experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East.

white oak flooring in ottawa

About White Oak Flooring

Oak has been used for centuries as a traditional wood flooring material in residential homes and commercial spaces due to its longevity and durability. This flooring, when taken care of properly, can last for over 100 years. Many people can still find homes that have the original oak flooring installed.

White oak flooring has warm, light color tones that range from yellow-gold to a rich dark hue. This hardwood flooring also takes stain easily to provide an even color throughout the surface. As with any hardwood flooring, white oak can change color to an amber hue when exposed to light. Yet the color variation is not as dramatic for white oak flooring as it is compared to other types of naturally darker woods.

Benefits of White Oak Flooring

White oak flooring is considered a very hard wood. The Janka hardness scale rates white oak at 1360. Due to its hardness and stability, this flooring material is preferred in climates and locations that experience big seasonal changes in temperature and humidity. White oak provides a more stable surface that won’t contract or shrink drastically.

Another benefit of white oak flooring is that it has lighter graining along the surface that is not as pronounced as the graining on other woods, such as red oak. It provides an even, modern look to the floor that will compliment any style and décor.

Drawbacks of White Oak Flooring

Due to the finer grain along the surface of the wood, white oak flooring can show dents and scratches more easily. Take care in high traffic areas and protect the flooring with area rugs. This fine grain can also make it more difficult to match existing floorboards if you are renovating or replacing damaged wood. You may need to sand and stain the entire floor to get a consistent look throughout.

Get Started

White oak flooring is a popular hardwood that can be placed in a range of different homes, from rustic to modern, to complement the interior aspects of a space. If you are searching for a beautiful wood flooring that is durable and strong, consider white oak as a great material to add to any room. Get in touch with the flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East when you are ready to get started with a free in-home design consultation.

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