hickory hardwood living room OttawaIf you’re considering hardwood floors for your Ottawa home, it’s good to know all your options before you settle on one material. From oak, to Brazilian cherry, to maple, there are an almost limitless number of colors and textures to choose from. That’s why our team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East has decided to spotlight one of our favorite types of hardwood: hickory.

What’s so great about hickory? Read on to learn more about this hardwood’s incredible benefits for your home.

Extreme Toughness

In order to truly appreciate the durability of this incredible wood, you need to know a little about the Janka Hardness Scale (JHS). This odd sounding test is actually a measure of the relative density and strength of hardwoods. Every wood is assigned a number that indicates how many pounds of force it takes to dent the wood. On the low end is a hardwood like balsa, with a humble Janka rating of 70; on the high end is a wood like Brazilian cherry, which has a truly remarkable Janka rating of 2350 – harder than some metals!

While the most popular hardwood for flooring (red oak) has a perfectly respectable Janka rating of 1290, hickory’s mighty wood boasts an impressive rating of 1820. That makes hickory the hardest domestic hardwood in North America, and it helps explain why people have relied on this amazing wood for their most demanding needs.

 Grown In North America

While many homeowners who want an extremely durable hardwood are forced to look into exotic species, in North America we have the luxury of domestic options like hickory. That’s why craftsmen have historically used hickory for just about everything: tool handles, wagon wheels, baseball bats, airplane frames – and of course, floors!

However, it’s good to keep in mind that because hickory is so rigid and dense, it takes special expertise to install this wood correctly. We don’t recommend trying to approach hickory from a DIY angle, but the Floor Coverings International Ottawa East team has enough experience to make short work of even the most complicated flooring projects.

Bright and Beautifulhickory hardwood Ottawa

One of the other big reasons that hickory is great for Ottawa homes is that it has an inviting, bright luster. There are around 19 distinct species of hickory, 12 of which are native to North America – and with the right finish, all of them can illuminate rooms that don’t get a lot of light. Choose hickory if you want to contrast against dark rugs, furniture, or paint. The rustic look of hickory also compliments modern designs and stainless steel kitchen features. It can look great in any room!

Get Started With Your New Hickory Floors

Getting excited about hickory? Hey, we understand – and we’d love to help you with your next flooring project. Floor Coverings International Ottawa East is proud to serve the greater Ottawa, Orleans area, and our flooring experts can find a solution for any budget or look. Schedule a free consultation today!

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