brazilian hardwood flooring in ottawaBrazilian hardwood flooring is a great way to add drama and luxury to your Ottawa home. Learn more about the types of Brazilian hardwood flooring available today and the pros and cons of these exotic species.

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About Brazilian Hardwoods

Brazilian hardwoods are known for their durability and rich, deep colors. Species include:

Brazilian Cherry

Also known as Jatoba, this wood has a deep reddish brown color that many homeowners love.

Brazilian Walnut

Also called Ipe, this wood is so tough it’s often used for outdoor decking as well as indoor flooring.

Brazilian Teak

This wood is also called Cumaru, and it’s the lightest of the Brazilian hardwoods with a golden brown color.


Tigerwood has a dramatic striped graining, just like the name implies.

Pros and Cons to Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

Brazilian hardwoods are super hard and rank very high on the Janka scale. For example, Brazilian Cherry has a Janka rating of 2820 versus domestic red oak wood with a rating of 1280. This is a benefit for many homeowners since the wood will not be scratched or dented easily under furniture or heavy foot traffic. However, the density of the wood also makes it difficult to cut and install.

Like all exotic hardwood species, Brazilian wood is more costly than domestic varieties. It’s also less versatile and the bold color and graining in some of the wood may not appeal to all potential homebuyers. If you love the look of exotic woods, but are deterred by the price tag, consider engineered hardwood, or a vinyl or laminate flooring in an exotic finish.

Finally, select exotic hardwoods carefully and make sure the materials are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Unsustainable forestry practices are still common in South America, and you want to ensure your beautiful new hardwood flooring does not contribute to deforestation.

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