With a hardness and durability comparable to popular choices like maple and oak, but with a unique and vibrant profile, birch hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for Ottawa homeowners wanting something reliable and unique. Birch is a versatile hardwood that has beautiful natural patterns. It is easy to stain and is available in multiple variations that differ in density. We proudly serve the greater Ottawa area and would love to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate with you.

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Birch is characterized by the creamy golden hues of the sapwood that combine in beautiful patterns with the dark reds and browns of the heartwood. The spiraling grains of the wood develop into unique patterns depending on the tree and will make your home feel natural and warm.

If you enjoy one of the hues more than the other or prefer a more uniform look for flooring, it is important to note that your floors can also be harvested from just the sapwood or just the heartwood. The fact that you can customize colors in this way makes it a great choice for any home. On top of that, the wood accepts stain evenly and can be changed to fit the aesthetic of your home.


Birch also varies in durability depending on the species you choose. They are broken down by their Janka hardness ratings, which are as follows.

  • Paper Birch: the softest and more elastic variation that will be the most forgiving on joints; 930
  • Yellow Birch: the most commonly used birch and most similar to oak, the most popular wood; 1260
  • Sweet Birch: one of the hardest woods you would likely use as a floor in your home with a hardness similar to exotic wood varieties; 1470

It is important to consider the activity that goes on in the room in which you’ll be installing a specific type of birch. In high traffic areas such as a kitchen, entry, or hallway, you won’t want to put in sweet birch, but it might be a good choice in a room with heavy furniture such as a living room. Speak with us about mixing and matching the variations and we’ll create a plan for your home.

Lastly, while each birch is a durable wood species, durable does not mean impenetrable. Each type should be cared for through regular cleaning and protective sealants to prevent dents, scratches, and stains.

Whether you’re looking for soft or hard wood, light or dark, or a mix of them all, birch is a great choice for you. The unique and warm patterns and colors will brighten up your home and give it flair of personality. For homes in the Ottawa area, we will come to you with our mobile showroom to help you select hardwood flooring that is perfect for your home.

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Photo: © Rob Marmion