Ottawa homes looking for a soft-colored and durable wood should be sure to ask their local flooring team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East about beech hardwood. This species is not one of the most commonly seen woods, but has all the qualities necessary to make a great hardwood floor. The most notable use of beech is for basketball courts, which is indicative of the wood’s strength. Read on to learn more about beech.

Beech Hardwood in OttawaColor

Beech hardwood is one of the most naturally light-colored hardwoods available for home flooring. The wood is typically sandy in color with warm, blush hues. Although hardwood is traditionally seen in more neutral brown tones, trends predict that homeowners will prefer hardwoods in super-light and super-dark hues. Get ahead of the Ottawa trends, and start your project today!

Beech is an exceptionally tight-grained hardwood, which means it has minimal grain lines or markings. The light color and uniform profile are great for any homes leaning towards a minimalist look. Another benefit of the light color is that it hides scratches and scuffs better than darker counterparts. If you have pets, or find that your current hardwood gets damaged easily, consider a light-colored hardwood that doesn’t highlight the markings.


On the Janka hardness scale, beech has a score of 1300. Beech is a very durable wood and can stand up to every day pressures, even in the busiest households. For a hardness comparison, the most popular hardwood species is red oak, which has a Janka score of 1260. You can expect beech to resist superficial damage and last for years to come.

The tight grain means that beech is a nonporous wood and less absorbent of liquid. However, we still don’t recommend installing beech in rooms exposed to excess moisture such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, or rooms below grade. As with any hardwood, it is necessary to apply a durable finish to prolong the lifespan of the floors. The finish can be applied multiples times over the years and will prevent everyday damage from actually reaching the surface of the wood.

If you are interested in beech hardwood and are ready to start a flooring project in your Ottawa home, contact Floor Coverings International Ottawa East! We offer free in-home design consultations and estimates.

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