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If there is one thing in flooring that says diversity, versatility, and customization, it is the amazing area rug. Area rugs can be used in addition to carpet for a more elaborate interior design, or they can be used in lieu of traditional carpet, serving as centerpieces and complementing the hardwood, stone, or vinyl beneath.

Ottawa is our home base, and we want residents to know all the flooring options available to them. That’s why today, the experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East are ready to go over the multiple benefits of area rugs and why we think they’re something special.

Area Rug Design Options

Area rugs are one of the most customizable options in flooring. With an unbelievably long list of possible variations in color, pattern, shape, and size, you can rest assured that there is an area rug suited to your home decor needs.

Due to the numerous possibilities in area rug design, interior decorators may select an area rug last when decorating a room. This way, they can be sure the existing decor will find a match. Area rugs are so diverse that to reverse this process would not guarantee furniture, walls, or carpet to match the unique rug!

Area Rugs and Simplified Living

Much easier to maintain than traditional carpet, area rugs take significantly less effort to clean. There are no worries about surrounding floors or furniture, since the rug can be relocated outdoors for this process, or left in the hands of professional cleaners.

Should you decide that an area rug is better suited to a different room, home decor becomes as simple as picking up the rug and relocating it. Unlike wall-to-wall carpet, damaged area rugs can be quickly replaced at low cost.

ottawa area rug

Area Rug Tips

Before making a purchase, it is important to check the underside of a new area rug to make sure it features good backing with traction. You don’t want your area rug slipping out of place or causing an accident by slipping out from underfoot.

Additionally, if your floors are damaged, an area rug my serve well to cover up visual defects. But if your floor is damaged too noticeably for an area rug to hide, then the flooring professionals are always your best bet.

Friendly, Fast, and First-Rate

Floor Coverings International Ottawa East brings beautiful flooring to Ottawa homes! We specialize in custom floors and an extensive line of quality floor materials. We want to install with your goals in mind, so get started today by scheduling a free in-home consultation. Proudly serving Ottawa, Orleans, and surrounding areas.

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