A home office should be a place that fosters productivity, but also a place that is more comfortable than your office at work. As you design a home office space, you have probably come across this realization and decorated and outfitted the room to strike a balance between home comforts and maximum productivity. You can also achieve this balance with the flooring in your home office, if you make a smart decision about what flooring type to use. The following are our suggestions for the best home office flooring types. Our goal was to recommend flooring that will not trick you into thinking you’re back at work, but will also be classy enough to promote the feeling that your home office is a place where important work gets done, and gets done well.

Hardwood and laminate: The most common flooring used for home offices is hardwood. It is sleek, high-quality, and it offers lasting attractiveness. You can also tailor your hardwood to whatever mood you want your home office to convey. Use smoother, glossier hardwood species such as bamboo and cherry for a more modern feel, and use more rustic-looking species such as oak and birch for a classic look. If you’re concerned about wear and tear and all of the maintenance that goes into traditional hardwood floors, you could have laminate flooring installed instead. Laminate comes in the same range of species that hardwood does, but it’s resistant to scratches, less expensive, and very easy to clean.

Carpet and area rugs: If you want to outfit your home office with carpet, we suggest adding area rugs to the space as well. Most patterned carpets run the risk of cheapening the space or making it seem too much like a traditional office. On the other hand, a plain carpet in a neutral color can look somewhat drab. So, adding several small, cushy area rugs or a larger statement rug will make your home office much more interesting and also more elegant. Area rugs will also prevent you from having to worry about carpet stains and damage, because you can just pull them up and replace them if you spill coffee or work materials.

Tile and stone: Depending on what kind of business you’re in, tile or stone flooring could be an excellent choice for your home office. If you work in the creative field or in something involving manufacturing, tile or stone will be a great flooring option for your workspace. Tile and stone (but especially tiles) are easier to clean than hardwood and carpet, so you don’t have to worry about messes causing permanent damage. They are also both highly durable, so any materials you drop won’t damage the floors. All of these traits combined make tile and stone ideal flooring types for a home office that is more of a studio or creative space.

These flooring types all have their own unique advantages and disadvantages for use in a home office. Obviously, your needs will vary based on what kind of work you do and the mood you’d like to create in your office space.