Homeowners in Ottawa are finding out that mahogany is a gorgeous and practical choice for their floors. Mahogany flooring continues to add value to homes in the Ottawa, Orleans area. At Floor Coverings International Ottawa East we can help you decide if this wonderful wood is the perfect hardwood flooring choice for you!

Mahogany hardwood flooring in East OttawaMeet Mahogany

As an adjective, “mahogany” is pretty much synonymous with the rich, reddish-brown of this wood. Hardwood mahogany is a sumptuous design choice for your home, but for all its beauty, this flooring is never intimidating. Mahogany somehow manages to be both warm and modern at the same time, striking a balance between beauty and hominess that suits a wide range of style sensibilities.

Mahogany hardwood flooring in East OttawaLife is Better with Mahogany

Mahogany is harder than most domestic varieties of wood flooring, such as oak or pine. Mahogany is around 70% harder and 28% more stable than oak. Mahogany is also a naturally smooth wood, with very few grooves and pockets. These properties make mahogany more resistant to wear and tear, and protect it from water damage.

Mahogany is one tough hardwood, so all you need to keep it in top shape is the tiniest bit of TLC. The golden rule for hardwood is never let dampness sink in. Clean up spills right away, and when you mop, use as little moisture as possible. You can add extra shine by buffing the wood with a manufacturer recommended wood polish.

Some Considerations

Mahogany wood absorbs sunlight very efficiently so it will become darker over time. Most homeowners pick their mahogany a shade or two lighter than what they ultimately want to achieve their optimal finish in the long run.

Another tricky thing about mahogany is the workability of the wood. Mahogany’s hardness makes it difficult to sand, cut, and shape. Installing mahogany hardwood flooring is a job for the professionals at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East. Call us today. We’re happy to help!

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