While great flooring can last decades or longer, the reality is this: your floors will have to be replaced at some point. How do you know when it’s time to find new floors? Floor Coverings International Ottawa East is proud to supply you with beautiful brand-new flooring. Keep reading to learn some surefire signs that it’s time to replace your flooring.


Hardwood is a durable flooring that can go a lifetime without being replaced. Scuffs and scrapes can add character, and you can refinish hardwood flooring to conceal scratches. Solid hardwood can be sanded down, too, and brought back to looking brand new. When do you know it’s time to replace hardwood flooring? If the planks feel like they’re getting loose, or if they’ve been warped by water, it’s time to install new flooring. Spills and water can seep into hardwood causing mold and uneven planks.

warped hardwood flooring in ottawa


Vinyl tends to last a long time. Once the wear layer starts to thin out, which can happen in high-traffic areas, you’ll see fading and discoloration in the pattern. Certain types of vinyl will last longer than others, with luxury vinyl having a thick wear layer that can withstand the test of time.


If your carpet is looking matted and dingy even after a professional cleaning, it’s time for an update. You know your carpet needs to be replaced when cleaning won’t remove stains or strange smells. A carpet that feels threadbare and uncomfortable is also due for a replacement: this might mean the padding underneath is wearing thin.

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Most tile, particularly ceramic and porcelain, can last a lifetime. Damaged tiles can be replaced, and water won’t seep in and cause molding. More often, it’s the grout between tiles that will need to be replaced. While you can reapply grout without replacing your tiles, you might consider revamping your tile style anyways! While tile might not need to be replaced, it can certainly begin to look outdated.

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