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Carpet is a great choice for creating a cozy, warm space in your Ottawa home. When you live a busy life, however, you need a carpet that can withstand damage. There’s a lot to take into consideration: carpet fiber, twist, density, style, and even color can impact durability.

Floor Coverings International Ottawa East is here to guide you through the steps of picking the most durable carpet for your home.


The twist of a carpet is how many times the yarn has been twisted. The tighter the twist the more durable the carpet tends to be. This is one of the most important aspects in determining the strength of your carpet.


Weight matters. When the yarn is tightly packed the carpet will be less susceptible to showing wear and other damage.  


Nylon, a synthetic material, comes in first for the most durable carpet fiber. Resilient to flattening, tearing, fading, and stains, nylon carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas. An important factor to remember: nylon carpeting needs to be treated for stain-resistance.

Wool is the most durable of the natural fibers, and it comes close to matching the durability of nylon. However, wool does have some pitfalls. Wool can discolor in sunlight and it absorbs water, making it prone to mildew if not properly maintained. Many generic cleaners are also too harsh for wool. Compared to nylon’s ease of upkeep, wool can’t compete.


Frieze carpeting is your best choice for carpet style. Frieze carpets have tightly twisted fabric, making them more durable than less-twisted styles. The twist keeps frieze from fraying. The texture of frieze also aids in concealing spills, footprints, and overall damage.

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Lighter carpet colors often require more maintenance and can quickly show age. Dark carpeting isn’t an ideal option either. Lint and crumbs will show on the dark carpet, and it can require frequent cleaning. A good middle-ground is neutral mid-toned carpets.

To best hide signs of damage, choose carpets with specks of different colors or marbled coloring. The variety of colors will conceal dirt, stains, and damage.

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