While function, style, and durability are all great qualities for flooring, sometimes your top priority is simply comfort. Floor Coverings International Ottawa East has you covered! We’ve compiled our top choices for the most comfortable flooring options available.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is a fun, distinct, and soft flooring that has recently grown in popularity among Ottawa homeowners. This unique flooring is created from the bark of cork trees. The texture of cork is soft and easily compressed. This creates a pleasantly soft surface to walk across. It also naturally retains heat, staying warmer in the winter than hardwood or tile.

cork flooring

Plush Carpeting

Carpeting is the obvious choice for comfortable flooring. For the highest level of comfort, go with plush carpeting. This ultra-soft carpet is made by cutting open the carpet fibers to create a smooth, level surface. The most comfortable plush carpeting will be dense, with a high twist. Twist refers to the number of times the yarn of the carpet was twisted during manufacturing. To elevate the comfort of your carpet even further, go with nylon or wool as a material.

plush carpeting

Padded Linoleum

Linoleum is often used as a wood- or stone-look alternative, but it is significantly more comfortable than the materials it mimics. Linoleum is a forgiving and comfortable flooring option. Add an extra level of comfort by choosing padded linoleum! This flooring has padding between the subfloor and the floor. This creates an even softer surface for your home, without sacrificing durability.

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