Laminate and vinyl are both affordable, durable, and low-maintenance flooring options. Many homeowners compare and contrast these two materials when looking for a flooring that fits their needs. To help you make the best decision for your home, Floor Coverings International Ottawa East has compared and contrasted the attributes of these versatile flooring options.

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Luxury Vinyl Planks


Laminate and vinyl are both available in a wide array of colours and patterns. Wood-look laminate and vinyl are particularly popular as an affordable and water-resistant alternative to hardwood.

Wood-look laminate is composed of a photographic applique layer underneath a clear protective layer. The result looks extremely similar to hardwood. When compared to standard vinyl planks, laminate comes closer to true wood in both appearance and texture. It’s a different story with luxury vinyl planks, however. Luxury vinyl is thicker than standard vinyl, which allows it to better replicate the appearance of hardwood. Laminate and luxury vinyl are evenly matched in their ability to mimic the classic appeal of wood flooring.

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Laminate Planks


Both laminate and vinyl are budget-friendly flooring options. There’s no clear winner when it comes to price, as both options match to each other’s lowest and highest price points. More expensive laminate options are priced similarly to luxury vinyl.


Laminate and vinyl are evenly matched in resistance to scratching, denting, and resistance to daily wear-and-tear. Vinyl does have one advantage over laminate, however. Vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, while laminate is susceptible to water damage. Though more water-resistant than hardwood, laminate will still warp if exposed to excess water and humidity.

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Vinyl Planks


If you’re concerned with the environmental impact of your floors, choose laminate over vinyl. Laminate is an eco-friendly recycled flooring – it’s crafted from recycled hardwood. The manufacturing process of laminate also generates a comparably low amount of chemicals. In the past, the manufacturing process of vinyl released a large quantity of environmentally damaging chemicals. Vinyl has come a long way since, but it’s still not an eco-friendly flooring option.

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Laminate Planks

Resale Value

Though laminate and vinyl come close to the appearance of hardwood, they don’t have the same value in the eyes of home-buyers. Vinyl, in particular, has had a difficult time shaking off its reputation as a cheap and outdated flooring. The outlook for laminate is much better, and its perceived value higher.

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