Carpet continues to be a highly popular flooring choice for Ottawa area homes, especially in living rooms and bedrooms. However, trends in home décor and flooring technology have evolved this option in interesting directions. The following are some compelling carpet trends to consider implementing in your next flooring replacement or home remodeling process.

carpet trends in ottawa

1. Waterproof Carpet

In the past, it was wise to avoid using carpet in rooms prone to moisture. However, new technologies and innovation in carpet production is changing all that. While outdoor waterproof carpet has been available for some time, there had been few, if any, indoor options. Now, there are fully waterproof indoor broadloom options in carpet allowing for the use of carpet in any room of the home. Some of these options can even be used safely in bathrooms and basements without worry about water damage or mold growth.

2. Recycled Carpet

Carpet made from recycled materials has been around for at least a decade, but expect its popularity and availability to grow in 2018. The next generation of homeowners is more environmentally responsible than ever before. They are favoring “green” choices whenever possible, and flooring manufacturers have been listening. There is a much wider variety of beautiful carpet styles and options made from recycled materials on the market today, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality to be kind to the environment.

3. Cut and Loop Carpet

Traditionally, homeowners would have to make a decision between cut carpet and loop style carpet. Very rarely would the two meet in combination in a carpet style. Now, however, there is an abundance of combination cut and loop carpet styles to choose from. This combination allows for interesting organic configurations but also unique patterns and textures as the styles are alternated. Be advised that intricate patterns should be used sparingly in the home, as too much of a good thing can be visually distracting.

4. Carpet Tiles

In the past, carpet installation was a major undertaking. Large, bulky rolls had to be delivered by truck and dragged into the home. Cutting, fitting and installing the carpet was a strenuous, difficult and expensive endeavor. With some carpet types such as broadloom, a small amount of damage or staining in one area required a total replacement for continuity. Carpet tiles have changed the carpet installation game. They are much easier to install and lend themselves to DIY projects. If there is a spill, stain or tear, the affected tile or tiles can just be changed out for fresh ones. Carpet tiles can also be arranged in colorful patterns to really express your creativity.

As with all areas of design, trends in carpet décor and materials continue to evolve. If you’re planning to carpet one or more rooms in your home this year, consider these four carpet trends for 2018 – and beyond. Contact the team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East when you are ready to get started with a free in-home consultation.

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