ottawa east light dark carpet At Floor Coverings International Ottawa East, we believe in the right carpets for the right homes. There are so many types and colors of carpet that choosing one can be a dizzying prospect! Today we want to help Ottawa homeowners by covering the main differences between light and dark carpet. Here are our tips for determining which of these two will serve your home best.

Light Carpet

Light carpet is the more common choice, and you can see it work beautifully in many homes. Light carpet gives homes a fresh, clean feeling. For a more energetic feel to a room, light carpet is your go-to option. Among light-colored carpets, there is a huge amount of variation in color tones. These can be quite subtle, like the difference between light beige and khaki.

While it may be more exciting, light-colored carpet is more challenging to maintain than its darker counterparts. If light carpets in high-traffic homes are not consistently cared for, they can show signs of wear and dirt. Lighter shades of brown can reduce the visibility of stains and other carpet blemishes while still maintaining that sense of high energy and openness afforded by light-colored carpet.

Dark Carpet

If you’re looking for something cozier, dark carpet can provide your home with a sense of calm and warmth. In fact, since it’s not as high-maintenance as light-colored carpet, dark carpet actually allows more time for relaxation! While stains, dirt, and other blemishes should always be attended to right away, dark carpet will be less impacted by things like mud or spills, meaning great visuals for less effort.

However, if your dark carpet is exposed to too much sunlight, it can begin to lose its luster and lighten in color. Dark carpet may work best in rooms where sunlight from the windows doesn’t aim directly at the carpet.

ottawa east light dark carpet

Décor Tips

If you are planning to redecorate an entire room, including a repaint of the walls, it is usually a good idea to select the carpet color of the room first. This is because paint comes in such a wide array of colors, making it easier to match a paint color to a preexisting carpet. The walls, ceiling, and carpet will be your main sources of color for any room. The rule of opposites can be helpful in getting the right ambience: for dark carpets, choose white walls, and vice versa.

Ready for New Carpet?

Floor Coverings International Ottawa East carries a huge selection of carpet styles for your convenience. Check out our mobile showroom and schedule a free in-home consultation to find the carpet that’s right for your home! We proudly serve Ottawa, Orleans, and surrounding areas.

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