Best carpet for pets, Floor Coverings International Ottawa EastChoosing the right type of carpeting for your home can be difficult; however, the challenge becomes even more difficult than it already is if you have one or more indoor pets. Following are some tips that can help you select carpeting that is not only looks good but is also able to handle regular pet traffic.

Choose the Right Material

Nylon carpets are, generally speaking, the best option for homes with pets. Nylon can hold up to a lot of wear and tear, it is stain resistant, and it is often reasonably priced. Polyester is another good option for pet owners, but it should be noted that this material is not quite as durable as nylon. Wool carpet is softer than the options mentioned above and will be comfortable for a pet to lie on; however, it does not have the stain resistance of synthetic carpet options.

Go With Carpet Tiles

Even house-trained pets may have accidents or cause accidents, resulting in stains that simply cannot be removed no matter how hard you try. Carpet tiles are extremely convenient because one or more tiles can be removed and replaced should the need arise.

Pay Attention to VOC levels

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds are known to cause health problems, so it is best to find a carpet that has a low VOC level. New carpets and carpets with the Green Label Plus certification have lower VOC levels than older carpets.

Specialized Carpets for Pets

There are carpets specifically designed to prevent moisture from soaking through to the padding. Such carpets can be a good option if your pet is not totally house-trained; however, don’t feel that you have to have a carpet of this nature simply because you have a pet. If you live in a warm climate where moisture dries rapidly, you may find that washing the area with water and a mild detergent and allowing it to dry (with the help of a fan) is a perfectly good option.

Choosing a Color

If your pet sheds a lot of hair, consider its hair color when selecting a carpet. Some carpet colors and designs make pet hair less visible than it would be otherwise.

Wall-to-wall carpeting can be great for a home with a pet. Carpets reduce noise levels in the home and the slip-resistant surface helps keep pets safe from slips and falls. Carpet also insulates the home to a certain degree, making it ideal for climates, like Ottawa, that get very cold in the winter. Pet owners should realize that carpets can be harder to clean than regular surfaces and pets with long claws can scratch and damage this type of flooring quite easily. Consider the points outlined above and choose carpeting with care to ensure your floors remain hygienic, clean and comfortable for everyone in the home.

Photo by berna namoglu