Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your PVC backsplash panels. Replacing them with tile is a great way to add value to your Ottawa home. And tile offers a wide range of style options; choose from a multitude of colors, materials, and intricate patterns. The team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East is here to help you with your selection. Read on to learn about five simple tile patterns that you can use to create a stunning backsplash.

grid tile pattern in Ottawa kitchenGrid

This tile pattern is also known as the straight pattern. Tiles are aligned with each other, creating a grid-look with their grout lines. This pattern creates a minimal, uncluttered look, which is a great option if you don’t want to distract the eye from a separate focal point. Alternatively, use the grid pattern to turn your backsplash into the design focal point by choosing a vivid tile color. Or use two colors to create a checkerboard design.

staggered tile pattern in Ottawa kitchenStaggered

Also known as the brickwork pattern, staggered shifts each row by half the length of the tiles. This pattern is often used for subway tiles. White subway tiles arranged in this format create a clean, minimalistic look. But colored subway tiles can be used for a more striking design. Square tiles and large, rectangular slabs can also be arranged in this format.

diamond tile pattern in Ottawa kitchenDiamond

Diamond is similar to the grid pattern except the square tiles are rotated 45°. This tile pattern is often mixed with other ones to create a border and highlight certain areas of the wall, such as the stove in the kitchen or a focal point in the bathroom. When used in flooring, the diamond pattern is often used to make a room appear larger.

herringbone tile pattern in Ottawa homeHerringbone

The herringbone pattern (which is named after the skeletal structure of the fish) is a more complex arrangement that still uses just one tile type in the design. Tiles are placed in alternating vertical and horizontal layouts to form a pointing visual. Arranging small mosaics with this pattern creates a striking backsplash.

basketweave tile pattern in Ottawa homeBasket Weave

The basket weave pattern mimics the design of a woven basket. Two rectangular tiles are placed together to form a square area. Pairs of rectangular tiles alternate between horizontal and vertical layouts. Like the herringbone pattern, this can be used with mosaic tiles to create a more intricate design.

For more help planning your new kitchen or bathroom backsplash, call the team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East and schedule a free, in-home consultation. Our design associates work with you to select the perfect product and layout for your space.

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