Mudrooms aren’t just the stuff of country homes. They’re the ideal place to shed and store rain boots, snow mittens, and other inclement weather gear during the Ottawa winter months. Having a dedicated space for these things means they, and the watery, muddy mess that tends to follow them, don’t migrate into the main areas of your home.

Even if your house is missing a mudroom, there’s plenty you can do to fake one. Here are a few ideas from Floor Coverings International Ottawa East.

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1. Secure a Corner of Your Garage

The area right inside your garage door can be reconfigured to include the components of a mudroom without too much additional expense or effort. Since it’s often thought of as an extension of your home, getting your family to dump their winter and rain gear there before heading inside is likely to be an easy transition.
Add a welcoming bench to sit on while taking off boots and shoes. Try putting baskets for gloves and hats on a shelf for easy storage above the bench. Store cozy slippers underneath and add hooks for drying coats.

2. Commandeer the Entryway or Hallway

The entryway of your home is a natural spot to set up a mudroom. Because it’s the first area that your family sees when they come in the front door, it’s perfect as a place for them to shed their outdoor wear. Stagger hooks at different heights so that both kids and adults can make equal use of the space. Increase its usefulness by painting a wall with chalkboard paint and writing notes and reminders where everyone is sure to see them.

Though the chances of using your mudroom drop the further away it is from the door where your family enters the house, a hallway could also work. Even better is choosing a hallway with a coat closet that you can revamp into your command center. Remove the door before adding a bench and shoe storage.

3. Reconsider the Laundry Room’s Purpose

Whether you have a dedicated laundry room or simply an area within another room such as a bathroom, turning it into your mudroom offers distinct advantages. Soiled, wet and muddy clothing can easily be tossed right into the washing machine as it’s being shed. Chances are that the flooring in this area is already easy to maintain and impervious to the effects of moisture. Installing additional shelves and hooks that are solely for the storage of coats and other outdoor apparel is crucial to the success of the mudroom.

Even if your home doesn’t have the additional space you need for a dedicated mudroom, there are creative ways to incorporate one that can work for your family. If you need help with weather proof flooring solutions, contact the team at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East. We’ll come to you with our mobile showroom to help you find the perfect flooring for your mudroom solution.

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