Great selection of product, excellent customer service and great price! I am a very happy customer!
Stacey Rowan
Josh is amazing. He went above and beyond our expectations. We love our flooring.
Heather Perez Saiz
The convenience of not having to lug samples home was terrific. I appreciated having sufficient amounts of sample left with me to get a true idea of how a particular choice would look in my room. The installation was quick and the peripheral service, specifically clean-up, was very good. All in all, this was one of the more enjoyable home improvement experiences that I have had.
Jean Forrest
Quality and professionalism
Ramy Kilany
The face to face meeting, consultation and having every question answered at my home. The assurance that the end result will meet my expectations...and it did. The follow up customer satisfaction. The product itself Most importantly, the fact that I walked into my home with brand new flooring with no dirt, no old flooring to deal with and that all of my heavy furniture was placed for me. A "turn key" experience. Worth the price for sure
Carol-Anne Hurd
as a reno contractor i was satisfied with the product and very easy to install . the finish product after the installation was very nice.. thank Josh
Claude Guertin
Josh was very thorough. He kept us informed the throughout the entire process. FCI, actually had the job done EARY...WOW.
Lisa McMahon