hardwood flooring in ottawaBuying hardwood flooring is undoubtedly a good investment, but there are a few important facts to keep in mind when picking a color, style, and type of hardwood for your Ottawa or Orleans home. Following are some tips from Floor Coverings International Ottawa East on the most important information for homeowners to consider when putting in hardwood flooring in any room of the house.

Choosing a Flooring Type

Some hardwoods, such as red oak, are harder and more impervious to scratches and dents than others. These woods are often a good option for homes that have indoor pets or children. On the other hand, soft woods such as pine and spruce are often more affordable than harder wood varieties and can be good a option if your home does not get a lot of foot traffic.

Engineered hardwood can be the best option for areas that are regularly exposed to humidity. This type of flooring is made from layers of plywood bonded together with a thin veneer of real hardwood on top. It is very durable and often is more resistant to water damage in rooms with a lot of moisture or high humidity.

Considering the Style and Color

Light-colored wood flooring, such as maple, is currently in style. It has a classic, rustic appeal and can help brighten up a small room or a room that does not get much sunlight. However, darker colors can be best for large rooms that need a warm ambiance.

Make sure the color and style of wood you choose matches well with existing furnishings. Our design experts at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East can come to you with flooring samples to browse in the comfort of your own home. Look at these samples during the daytime and at night to make sure that you have the exact color and style of flooring you want.

Some hardwoods, such as many exotic hardwoods, have a pronounced grain while others have subtle patterns that blend in well with existing furnishings. Woods with a prominent graining are decorative and can be ideal for living rooms, entertainment spaces, or other areas in the house where the flooring is a showcase. However, those who want to create a calm, soothing atmosphere in a particular room should choose woods that are not overly showy.

Checking the Source

There is a popular misconception that just about any type of hardwood flooring is produced in Canada. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A lot of wood flooring that is labeled as being made in Canada actually comes from abroad. This flooring may be cheaper than genuine Canadian flooring; unfortunately, wood that comes from other regions is often obtained in an unsustainable manner, thus causing damage to native forests in developing countries. Check the labeling on a product carefully before you install it in your home. Our team can help ensure you find flooring that has a low impact on the environment.

Hardwood flooring is a good option for many homes; even so, a homeowner should choose a wood floor with care. Make sure the wood is sustainably sourced and do some research to find the color and style of wood that is just right for any given room in your home. Choosing a hardwood floor with care will not only provide a pleasant atmosphere but also add value to your house.

Photo by Artazum