Canada is a land of cultural variety, where traditions and preferences mix from home to home and create a vast landscape of different ways of being. There’s one cultural preference, though, that we’re often asked about as a flooring company—whether guests should take their shoes off when they enter into a house. While opinions will vary, there are a host of convincing reasons why you should consider a “no shoes” policy for your household. From protecting your floors to protecting your family members with allergies, enforcing a “no shoes” policy makes sense for three key reasons:

Shoes add wear and tear to your floors

The team here at Floor Coverings International Ottawa East would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the added damage that shoes bring to your flooring. High-heeled shoes, especially, can be tough on hardwoods and other flooring types. By going barefoot, or in only socks, you can stop shoe damage in its tracks.

Shoes bring bacteria and toxins into your home

We can’t, and shouldn’t, protect ourselves from the outside world where toxins and bacteria lurk, but we can protect our homes from the bacteria trapped on our shoes. Families with pets, children, or allergy sufferers should be especially conscious of what might come into your home through your shoe soles. Some carpeting types can trap the bacteria from the outside world into their weaves, which can expose children or pets playing on the ground to bacteria or expose allergy sufferers to their irritants.

Shoes create more cleaning

This is an argument for the sake of your floors and the sake of your time. Shoes track noticeable dirt into the home in addition to the microscopic bacteria they carry, which creates more work for you. Each additional cleaning also has the potential to age your flooring—something the Ottawa team wants to help you avoid!

While we think there’s convincing evidence that a “no shoes” policy makes sense for most homes, it might not work for every family. If you’re interested in more ways to protect your flooring, or in finding out what flooring type makes the most sense for your family’s preferences, the Floor Coverings International Ottawa East team is happy to help. We specialize in matching families with the right floors and are proud to offer free, in-home, estimates and consultations to help make your flooring dreams come true. Give us a call and speak with a local flooring expert today!

Photo: Kisada Manchinda